Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 10 Queries Lately

Good news: medicine side effects are not nearly as strong as they were week one.

Also, I probably stopped updating you guys on all the apartment stuff but it has still been going on. Week before last they cut another hole in the ceiling, left it for a few days, resurfaced part of one of the showers, put the ceiling back in, generally stank the place up. I still find staples in the carpet sometimes. They didn't cover anything before working again, even though we were home while they were doing it.

They haven't been in this week or last week. Our shower was never actually finished and the didn't popcorn spray the ceiling where they put the chunk back in. I haven't had the heart to let them know they've screwed it all up again. I know I should tell them but I'm just enjoying having my apartment to myself for now.


I decided to pop in to Google Analytics today and see what kind of weird stuff's been going on behind the scenes of this ol' blog. Check out my top 10 queries at the moment.

These are the searches that my blog shows up in the most for the time period of the last 30 days (I think that's what this means). It's an interesting bunch of searches, that's for sure.

Numbers one and ten are expected. Of course my blog would show up in the results when you search for my name. However, I beg of you to not search those things (my name, that is) yourself unless you're of age and comfortable with NSFW stuff. There's another Carrie Land out there who makes her money in a much less clothed way than this one does.

Two, three and four are remnants of my Wino Wednesday days (an awesome linkup hosted by Danielle and Aubrey). Seeing as I don't drink very much anymore, I don't have much wine-related to blog about so if you're new around here you probably don't know what I'm talking about. In the past, I've reviewed a couple of my favorite wines, including Villa M (a special occasion wine around here) and this Duplin wine (a scuppernong variety that I love).

I think it's funny that I show up for "cookie butter fudge". I wrote about making that once but the recipe came from somewhere else. P.S. Has anyone seen cookie butter lately? Last time I checked Trader Joe's just had a cookie butter cocoa swirl, not plain old cookie butter.

Six, "cold things", I cannot explain.

Seven, "hump day eve", is a little weird. I think I titled a post with this once? Not sure. Also, it's probably not a very popular search so of course I'd show up in that.

Eight, "lazy chair sex", is something I'm certain I've never blogged about. Maybe I sleep-blogged? Anyone remember these terms coming up at the same time before? Well, they sure will now.

"Puppies that stay small" is funny. I guess there's too much River here but she certainly doesn't stay small.


Amber in South Carolina said...

Oh gosh they gave me a good chuckle especially lazy chair sex and puppies that stay small!

Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello said...

Holy cow, Carrie, is there a secret you posting on this site and we just aren't privy to the posts? HAHA!

Ashley said...

Hahaha #8 cracks me up. I don't drink much anymore either... can't remember the last drink I had. I like Moscato wine mostly. I don't think I've ever tried a scuppernong, hmmm.

Robin said...

#8 is puzzling for sure.


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