Saturday, November 16, 2013


(Post written Friday, November 15)

Last night I had the worst nightmare of my entire life. I don't even want to think about it, let alone talk about it. I don't understand where it came from and I'll never forget it.

I woke up and was devastated. My entire body ached. My head hurt. My jaw was sore. One of my arms had fallen asleep. It was just mentally, emotionally, physically painful.

I wonder how dreams like that happen.

I know for me, if I get too hot while sleeping I will usually have bad dreams. I wonder if other things affect me as badly, like food (too much? too spicy? too sweet?) or the things I've seen that day. When I was reading The Walking Dead novels, I dreamed about zombies a lot but they weren't really nightmares. I mean, I wasn't really on the losing end of things so I was OK with those.

Are these subconscious things that are already in my mind? Are they just totally random? I'd like to think that my mind couldn't make something that bad up but I guess it can do whatever it wants to.

There are also a few recurring dreams that I have. One theme that I've seen since childhood is bears. They're usually trying to get into my house from outside. I can see them out of every window. Weird, right?

I also get chased a lot in my dreams.

In recent years, I dream I'm pregnant or nursing every now and then. It's often enough that I consider it a recurring thing, too. Those are pretty bad dreams indeed. (Ha ha).

Do you think it's possible to control your dreams and their contents? Do you have things that you dream about all the time and why do you think that is?


Robin said...

I like reading about dream symbols on, especially if something is recurring. Here is their page on bears:

I occasionally have a dream in which I am still taking high school or college classes, and I forget to ever go to one class. I remember it weeks later and show up and struggle to pass at the last moment.

Amber in South Carolina said...

If I'm hot, too full, eat spicy things, basically anything 'off' I have bad dreams. Usually I'm being chased. I did when I was little have two recurring dreams. One about a wolf chasing me and another about a spider crawling across my face, blech! Haha


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